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This is the ultimate self-study aid with over 40 animated video lesson, a full set of colourful notes and a comprehensive set of questions with hints and video explanations.  Everything is here, in one place, to help you succeed in your OCR Chemistry A written exams.  This is like having your own personal tutor, available any time of the day that suits you.

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Boomer Chemistry Complete Chemistry Tutor for AQA AS Chemistry
This resource pack is the ultimate self-study aid. It’s all there!

Use this resource to:
• Get ahead in class and make the most of your lessons
• Catch up on work missed through absence/illness
• Prepare thoroughly for your tests/exams
• Help understand things that did not make sense in class

This learning resource has been developed with help and advice from chemistry teachers and students around the UK studying A Level Chemistry A. In addition we have been taking feedback from some of our videos on the Boomer Chemistry Youtube channel. These are just a few of the comments we have received:

“Really helpful, thank you so much for making this;
I was away for when we learned this in my AS Chemistry class and I couldn’t work out how to do it, which made me fall behind quite a lot as you could probably figure, and in less than 10 minutes you’ve taught me something I’ve been struggling with for months.
I can’t thank you enough!”

“I have been watching so many educational videos in the lead up to my exams and this is one of the most clearly presented videos I have seen”

“Best educational video I have seen”

“Many thanks, today I went home crying because I didn’t understand Name Organic Compounds and this video taught me what my teacher was unable to teach me in 2 hours!!”

“I’d like to say thank you for making this video, I’ve found it hard to understand this topic however it now makes sense to me, thank you :)”

“Thank you very much! 🙂 May you help more student in need. God bless. ;)”

And now a total of over 50 video lessons covering the AQA AS Chemistry  specification for the exams are available along with a set of colourful notes that lead you gently by the hand and link directly to the videos.  In addition, there are comprehensive sets of questions for each topic which include helpful hints to scaffold learning as well as answers that are just one click away. No more scrambling at the back of books looking for the answers or trying to search your way through mark schemes.  For questions that require more in-depth responses, videos are again one click away that give a thorough explanation as well as giving valuable advice on how to answer such questions in the exam – putting an end to that frustration of seeing an answer in a book but not knowing how it was arrived at. This whole resource was designed with you, the student, in mind to make your success in AS chemistry as efficient and as pain free as possible.

Take a look at the demonstration page on our website and sign up for a year’s subscription.

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